Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Fun

The Halloween fun has already started for Claire.  We went to a Fall Festival Friday night, our neighborhood Halloween party Saturday and this fun Trunk or Treat at our friends church Sunday night.  Claire is already a pro at carrying her pumpkin and walking up to people with a smile on her face.  
We are laying low today and relaxing because Claire has 3 different Halloween parties to attend Tuesday and then Trick-or-treating in downtown Concord and in our neighborhood Wednesday.  We figure we should take advantage of all of the fun free activities while they are around.  

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

 Tuesday morning we went to the pumpkin patch with Claire's friends.  Sadly we couldn't get a picture of all of the toddlers.  

 Claire got to see pigs, cows, horses and a goat.  She did a good job making all of the animal sounds.  
 She loved touching the stems of the pumpkins.  

 Her favorite part though as when I gave her a wipe to clean her hands.  

 She tried to clean the dirt off her shoes with her wipe.  

 She found a stick.  

 It was a fun morning.  

Vacation with daddy

 The final day of vacation with daddy started with donuts and ended with Troy watching/helping Claire at gymnastics.  Claire was so excited to have her daddy there and was really showing off for him.  She kept pointing at him and saying, "daddy, daddy."  I think she was making sure all her friends knew that her daddy was watching her.  

Monday, October 22, 2012

Diaper Bag

 Claire loves to take care of her babies and carry around all the stuff that baby dolls need. . . so she requested a kid sized diaper bag from her Aunt Katie.  As you can see Claire loves her new pink bag!

 The other bag is an old Clinique bag she puts her play food in to carry around.  

 Thanks Aunt Katie!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dog Halloween Party

 We went to a doggy Halloween Festival on Saturday.  As you can see Claire was in awe of the all of the dogs.  

 There was also a playground at the festival.  Claire was very excited to slide with her mommy.  

Baby kisses

My sweet girl loves giving the baby kisses already.  

Claire and her daddy

 Troy has a few days off from work and Claire is loving having her daddy home.  

 I ask Claire if she wanted a picture with her daddy and she leaned in to hug him.  
 The 2 enjoyed watching football together and eating goldfish.  
 Maybe the next one will look a little like me. . . 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Big Sister To Be

This cute little girl is going to be a big sister in the spring :)  Baby Bowlby #2 is due May 1, which is the same week that Claire was due.  We are hoping for a March or April baby, not a February one like Claire.  I am feeling good so far and we are all really excited.  I call this our "free baby."  It took 5 years of fertility treatments and 2 surgeries to conceive Claire and no fertility treatments for this one.