Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cousin Week

 Claire's cousin Isabella is going to spend the entire week with us.  We are excited.  

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Today is a historic day, at 19 months 8 days Claire is wearing her 1st ponytail!

She kept trying to figure out how to tie the ribbon around it herself.  

 So pretty!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Poor Baby

 My poor little baby isn't feeling so good this week.  We went to the dermatologist yesterday for her diaper rash.  It is so bad that she has to use a special cream and take an antibiotic.  Luckily Claire likes taking the antibiotic.  
 Claire's diaper area hurts so bad she keeps walking around holding her little crotch.  When her daddy walked through the door last night after work, the first thing she did was grab her crotch and whine, as if it tell him about her day.  It doesn't help either that she is getting more teeth at the same time.  Hopefully she will feel better soon!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Free family fun

 Saturday morning we went to a small festival in the town by us.  It wasn't anything exciting, just a few vendors and some food, but to a curious toddler it was very very exciting.  
 She loved being a big girl and walking with her daddy.  

 I'd say her favorite part though was the free doughnut holes!

 Oh and the Humane Society was there so Claire got to see lots of puppies.  She couldn't be bothered to look at the camera when there was puppies to look at.  

Sunday, September 23, 2012

My new favorite picture

Look a picture where Claire and I are both smiling!

Hello Kitty Dress

 Claire was so excited about the new Hello Kitty dress that her Grandma Rice sent her that she wouldn't even stop for a picture.  
 Jack of course had to check it out.  
Claire mesmerized by the pack of Halloween stickers also in the package.  

Big girl car seat

 We bought Claire a big girl car seat this week.  Claire was very excited and made sure to read all the car seat rules.  
 We are not sure if we like it yet.  I miss her infant carrier, but it was defective and we had to send it back to the company.  

Saturday, September 22, 2012


 If you are ever wondering what to send Claire. . . make it stickers.  She is obsessed with them lately.  I put one on each hand and one on her shirt and she is occupied for 15 minutes taking them off and putting them back on.  I love how excited she gets about something so simple.  

 These cool Halloween stickers are courtesy of the Rice Grandparents.  

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Towel on the head

 Claire gets a bath every week after gymnastics to wash away all the germs.  She threw a fit Tuesday until I got her a dry towel and let her walk around the house with it on. . . of course she was begging for food.
 She is really making great strides at gymnastics.  This week she tucked her head and did big girl somersaults.  The teacher brought out the slide this week, so that of course was Claire's favorite.  

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bibs, bowls and fun

 Claire wanted to wear all of her bibs.  
 Look at all of those teeth.  

 If you finish your snack, why not put the bowl on your head!

 Claire's friend Ryleigh went to Disney this summer and brought her back this cool 2012 Disney onesie.  

19 months

Claire is growing up so much lately.  She interacts with you like a big girl and follows commands really well.  She is in love with the slide.  When she goes to a friends house with a slide she goes up and down nonstop. She loves pushing around the shopping cart that Nana Bowlby got her back in July.  At any given time it could have the tv remote, bracelets, sippys or baby dolls in filling it up.  Bracelets are Claire's favorite.  She wears them all up her arm and shows them off with a big smile.  
Claire is learning lots of her words.  Most recently she said show and bag.  She is in love with babies, both real and doll.  When we walk through the mall she screams, "baby, baby" every time she sees one.   Claire loves to be a helper and wants to carry my bags and open my mail.  Her new favorite thing to do is watch Bubble Guppies on tv.  Now she doesn't want to watch the whole show, just the songs.  When a song coming on she runs in the room ready to dance.  Oh and when she wants you to put Bubble Guppy on she hands you the remote and yells "bubble, bubble."  
When she gets tired, the paci still goes in the eye!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Jonah's party

 I've been taking naps when Claire does, so I'm  very behind on posting, sorry :)  Back in August we went to Claire's boyfriend Jonah's 1st birthday party and had a blast!

 Claire had fun checking out all of the different toys Jonah had and working on her list for Santa.  

 Claire is working on a whole mouthful of teeth.  

 The slide of course was her favorite.  

 Claire even got to try to break an elephant pinata.  

 Claire did a great job using the bat to whack the elephant and instead of filling the pinata with candy that kids couldn't eat. . . it was filled with small stuffed animals and confetti.  The kids LOVED the confetti and instead of putting the animals in her goody bag, Claire filled hers with the confetti and pieces of grass.