Sunday, April 28, 2013

Baby Bath

 When I was at the hospital last week they gave me this pink tub.  I showed Claire today how she could give her baby doll a bath in it. . . yes, she decided it would work nicely as a bath for herself.  

 Yes, that's Troy just shaking his head, ha ha.  

Rainy Day Fun

 Messy, but fun
* Note:  No this isn't stolen WBTV paper.  They were giving it away at Troy's work because it was from the old owners.  

Saturday, April 27, 2013

More Cutie Claire

Since I haven't been able to post much lately I thought I would add a bunch of Claire's April pictures.
 This is Claire saying her prayers.  She holds her snow globe that has a little girl inside praying.  You should hear her "Amen" at the end.  It sounds like a televangelist.  

 Getting tickled by daddy
 Looking at the "hop hops and tweet tweets"

Claire loves to put her shoes on all by herself.  Whenever we tell her we are going somewhere she screams, "shoes, shoes."  She could care less where we are going as long as she can wear her shoes!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Sisterly love

 Claire loves giving her sister kisses
 and hugs.  When I tell Claire that Charlotte is kicking, she goes to the basket of baby toys and brings toys to my stomach.
Look at all of that hair!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

39 weeks

 Who would have thought I'd make it this far.  These pictures are from Monday, but as of today I am 39 weeks 1 day pregnant with Charlotte.  This is exactly 10 weeks longer than I was with Claire.  Yes, it feels like I have been pregnant forever! 
 Claire has been doing some last minute big sister training,

and helping out her mommy with the housework.  I wish I was this happy when I swept!
Claire has also been having a lot of fun with her daddy.
 We've spent our afternoons playing princesses,
 kissing babies,
 kissing and
hugging Jack
 relaxing and watching Bubble Guppies and Curious George,
 and of course looking cute!
 Yep, she's been a busy 26 month old.

 "Who me, slow down, NEVER!"  As I am typing this she is spinning in circles trying to make herself dizzy and then laughing hysterically when she falls down. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Product Tester

 We got Charlotte's new car seat in the mail today (We had to send Claire's baby car seat back because it was defective).  Claire was very excited and of course had to test it out.  She is still well within the weight and height limits for the seat. 
 I'm excited because this car seat just came out in February and is the lightest one on the market.  You can really tell a difference when you pick it up. 

 Last weekend Claire checked out her old infant seat and helped me clean it up for her sister. 
As of yesterday I am 37 weeks pregnant, full term!!!  So no preemie for us this time!!!
Last Saturday some of my favorite mommy friends threw me a party for Charlotte. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ryleigh's birthday party

 In the middle of March we went to Claire's friend Ryleigh's pony party.  It was a very fun afternoon.  I wish we had gotten a picture of Claire and the birthday girl, but they both on the move the entire time. 
Claire loved "feeding" the pony apples.
She even got to see a real pony and got excited when the pony neighed.
 Claire's favorite part of the party though was having her daddy pull her around in Ryleigh's wagon.

 I was 33.5 weeks pregnant for the party.