Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My little Munchkin

 What a difference a year makes!  Can you believe this was Claire a year ago.  She had no teeth, couldn't walk and could only say a couple words, oh and she didn't have much hair.  

 She looks so small and chunky.  She was only about 12 pounds though.  

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Friday was cold and chilly and icy (or as Claire says, "brrrrr"), Claire thought it was best to wear her hat while eating to stay warm.  

Feeding Baby

We told Claire it is time for her to practice feeding her baby so she can feed her sister. Since Claire doesn't like to sleep through the night anymore we nominate her to take Charlotte's 2 am feedings.   All went well until. . . 

Claire decided to taste the baby's milk.  Maybe we need to rethink our plan.  

Friday, January 25, 2013

Roll Roll Roll

 Claire gets sooo excited when I tell her it is time to get ready for gymnastics.  She started yelling, "roll, roll, roll (somersault)."
 Wait Claire realized her baby wasn't in the picture.
 Ah, baby needed a hug.
 Yep, Claire kept insisting I take pictures of her and her baby together.  

26 weeks

 Well we've made it to 26 weeks.  The 1st Monday in February is my big scary appointment.  I will be exactly as pregnant with Charlotte as I was with Claire when all hell broke loose (27.5 weeks).  I am feeling good but very tired.  I spend most of my time laying on the couch resting while Claire plays around me.  

 I asked Claire if she wanted me to take her picture this morning.  She immediately ran to the front door (where I take my weekly picture) and started smiling.  It is so cute how she wants to be like her mommy.   

Claire was very proud of herself for putting this headband in all by herself!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Magazine Babies

 It amazes me, but this week Claire has spent hours reading my old Parents magazines and talking, waving, hugging, kissing and feeding the magazine babies.  It's so cute and makes her so happy.


 At least we had a fun time playing.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Waiting for Cluck Cluck

 When I'm pregnant all I want is greasy, fatty food.  I try to only indulge once a week on my current favorite, Zaxby's chicken fingers and fries.  We had fun playing with the camera while waiting for Troy to bring us home, "cluck, cluck" last night.  
 "Mouth, Mouth"
 Yay he's here!  Notice Claire pointing to the chicken; she was as excited as I was.  

Princess Castle Playtime

 She loves to put the princesses to bed.  
 This is her new princess lunch box to keep everything organized.
 Yes, her outfit is too small, she picked it out.  
 She likes to rock the castle to rock the princesses to sleep.

 Poor little Claire has had a drippy nose all week, which is why her cheeks are red and she doesn't look as cute as usual.  She doesn't seem to feel bad, her nose is just like an annoying faucet though.  We really hope it is better for her Valentines Day pictures and lunch with her friend Kayla on Friday.  In an attempt to get Claire better and not spread her germs she hasn't left the house since my doctor's appointment Friday.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Trying to be a big girl

Someone thinks she should be moved up to the big girl table and her baby doll should sit at the little girl one.

 Of course here's the problem with Claire's new plan.  She doesn't exactly sit like a little lady for very long.  
 I love that Claire's current favorite baby is my My Child doll.  This doll is about 30 years old and was one of the original Claire Elizabeths (I had 2 dolls I named Claire Elizabeth).