Monday, April 30, 2012

Toilet paper fun

I guess I forgot to close the bathroom door. . .

 She was sooooooooo proud of herself!

We made it, 3.5 miles!

 The kids enjoyed snacks, snacks and more snacks after the walk.

 This is Brandy and Mccoy.  Brandy is responsible for creating our awesome logo!

 3 Chi Omega Alums and 3 little legacies

The sign

 Claire recognized herself. 


 This is Gavan and his family.  He was born at 27 weeks and weighed about the same as Claire.  He is doing great at 13 months.  We were every excited to have another tiny preemie on our team!

 We loved seeing "Bowlby" on so many cute babies!

Ready Set

Luckily we all found our team members easily (about 8,000 people at walk), turned in our money and took lots of pictures before the walk started.  A big thanks to the Vermont Bowlbys and Stearns for their donations which brought us up to $900 :)  We can still collect donations until June and I am hoping to hit $1000. 
 This is what happens when your husband goes out of town before the walk, you have to make all the shirts yourself and it's midnight when you try to make a sign. . . you mess up the spelling of your last name, ha ha.  I must say I am proud of Troy for getting up and walking.  He got home from work about 4:30 am, slept for only 2 hours and got up to walk 3.5 miles with us. 

It's really not easy to get this many moms and babies to look at the camera, but look how many wonderful team members we had!

 Troy's friend from work came out to join us. 

 Claire is ready for the walk to start!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Pre Walk

Saturday's March of Dime walk was a success.  We had a wonderful time, the weather was nice and cool and we were joined by some amazing friends.  Our team can still collect money until June but as of walk day we raised over $2500, which I think is impressive for our 1st year.  My sorority sister Melinda and her baby Zoe (almost 11 months) drove all the way from Virginia to join  us on the walk!

 How cute are the outfits we found for the baby girls, tutus, Bowlby onesies and matching hair bows (the hair bows were made by Jen, Ryleighs mom)!

 The drive to Charlotte was peaceful with 2 sleeping girls (the ride back not so much, Claire was tired and screamed almost the whole time).
 Claire saying "Hi" ready to get out of the parking garage and walk. 
 Megan, Melinda and Kristina ready to go

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Big Star!

Claire got interviewed on  live TV at Daddy's work.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Special Day

We decided we needed to have a special family day to celebrate Claire being home from the nicu for a year.  Daddy took Friday and Monday off from work so we could really party.  Sadly I was sick on Friday so we had to wait until Monday to head to the mall.  The 1st stop, Build a Bear (Claire got a gift card for her birthday).

 Claire putting a heart in her bear.

 Claire loved giving the bear a bath after it got stuffed.

 This is Claire's new bear before she got a pretty blue bear dress.

 Claire and her daddy naming the bear.

No special day would be complete without a stop to get ice cream (we had a gift card for this too, so the whole fun day was free)!


Claire received enough donations to qualify for a sign in the walk of fame.  We decorated it last night and can't wait for everyone to see it displayed at the walk. 

 Yay, Claire is so proud of her sign!
 Could Claire look anymore like her dad? 
 Claire found a sock and was trying to wear it on her head.
Our sign