Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Claire was very excited to find out that the Easter Bunny dropped off a basket for her this morning.  After she finished her bottle she got to dig in to the basket.
She got a Cabbage Patch bunny, a "Claire" sized baby doll and a chocolate bunny.  

 Claire loves to touch baby doll eyes.  
 She was excited!
 Checking out the eyes again.  
 She even got an Easter hair bow (Kayla's mom made it for her)
 Wow, I can eat this?!?

 Claire hopes we can eat chocolate bunnies in bed again!  We hope everyone has a wonderful blessed Easter!!!

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Mma said...

Isn't it exciting to see Claire enjoying all of the holiday fun and making family traditions as well. I'll bet her sweet tooth enjoyed that bunny. Poor Liam is still struggling with recovery from his tonsil and adenoid surgery on March 30th so he's not really having the happiest of Easters. When his throat feels better and he has some energy we'll have our own egg hunt in our yard and then he can enjoy all the goodies the Easter bunny delivered to him this morning. Happy Easter to your family and I hope you and Claire have a wonderful visit with your GA family this week.