Friday, April 20, 2012

My baby has lived with me a whole year!

This picture is from a year ago today, the first time Claire and Jack met.  A year ago, April 20, 2011 after 61 long days, we were finally able to take our baby outside of the confines of the hospital.  We were so excited and very scared.  Troy wouldn't even feed Claire her bottle the first day for fear that she'd stop breathing (which she did twice once we were home).  That first night was very long as we had to set the alarm to feed Claire every 3 hours all night ( we were supposed to keep her on the same schedule as the nicu). I remember we watched a "My wife and kids" marathon on Nick At Night all week since we weren't getting any sleep.  Now she can go all night without eating, walks everywhere and really understands what we say. 

It has been a long wonderful year and we look forward to many more!

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Mma said...

You definitely have many more wonderful experiences ahead of you as you watch Claire grow from year to wonderful!