Thursday, April 26, 2012

Special Day

We decided we needed to have a special family day to celebrate Claire being home from the nicu for a year.  Daddy took Friday and Monday off from work so we could really party.  Sadly I was sick on Friday so we had to wait until Monday to head to the mall.  The 1st stop, Build a Bear (Claire got a gift card for her birthday).

 Claire putting a heart in her bear.

 Claire loved giving the bear a bath after it got stuffed.

 This is Claire's new bear before she got a pretty blue bear dress.

 Claire and her daddy naming the bear.

No special day would be complete without a stop to get ice cream (we had a gift card for this too, so the whole fun day was free)!

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Mma said...

Time spent as a family is always special but when the activities are at the "right price", that's even more special. I know that Claire enjoyed herself building her bear and eating her ice cream...just look at her!