Monday, July 30, 2012


Baby bed

The Rice grandparents sent Claire this adorable and sturdy cradle for Claire's babies.  As you know Claire loves being a little mommy and was in desperate need of a bed for her kids.  They picked this one because it is extra sturdy because we were worried that since Claire is so small she may try to get in the cradle and we didn't want it to collapse under her weight.  
Yep I looked over today and saw that Claire had laid down 2 blankets and made herself a nice little bed.  

 Don't worry she uses it for her babies too.  This picture is her giving her baby a night night kiss.  

 This is Claire rocking her baby.  

 And back to Claire making herself comfy, ha ha.  

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sanitize Baby

 The Bowlby grandparents bought Claire a new baby doll on Friday.  The look on Claire's face was priceless when we took the baby out of the bag.  Claire watched me use a wipe to wash off the baby and then I put the wipe on the coffee table.  Claire went over and got the wipe and decided to finish cleaning her baby.  I guess I have taught Claire the importance of sanitizing!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nakie Noodle

 Claire decided she wanted to play naked most of the week at Nana and Pop's house.  


Thursday night for dinner Troy's dad took us to Schoops.  Claire showed us what a big girl she is when it comes to eating.  Now that she has 3 teeth she doesn't want me to cut up her food.  She likes to bite it.  She got very excited when her grilled cheese came and hugged one half under her arm and took bites off the other half.  Claire is happiest when she can hold food in one hand eat with the other.  She is always so worried about running out of food.  Maybe she remembers being in my belly and not getting enough to eat.    Oh and you know Claire dug into the fries.  My favorite part of the meal was watching Claire drink her water out of a straw!  We figured out that if we cut the straw in half it is easier for her to suck the water.  

Thursday, July 26, 2012


 Claire has been her cousin Abbey's shadow this week.  Claire usually takes time to warm up to people, but not Abbey.  It's been a nice break for me, ha ha.  

 The girls thought it was funny when Pop shot water at the window.  

 Poor Nana has been working all week so Claire usually sees her when she's right before bed when she is tired and cranky.  

 Claire likes hanging out with her Pop too.  She even said "Pop" tonight.  

 We love hanging out with cousin Abbey and the rest of the Bowlbys.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The fun continues with fries

Instead of eating lunch at the fair we decided to stop at one of our favorite fast food restaurants Culvers.  Now that Claire has learned how to bite, she can have whole french fries.  This is VERY exciting to a little girl.  Speaking of teeth we noticed this morning Claire is sprouting a new tooth on the top!!!!  This will make tooth number 3.  

I love how Claire is watching me eat in this picture.  Claire wasn't interested in eating her hamburger, so her lunch consisted of french fries and a strawberry milkshake.  She thought it was a perfect lunch for a little munchkin.

 Jack is having a fun week with Abbey too.  He is getting lots of love from his girls.  

Fair Fun

 Today we ventured to the fair with Claire's cousin Abbey.  It was HOT!

 Abbey was tall enough to ride all of the rides, poor Claire was too short to ride anything.  . . 

 so she sat in her stroller and enjoyed her Mum Mums.  
 Claire made sure to hydrate.

 Claire's favorite part of the fair was walking through the tents with the free advertisements.  She didn't care what they were selling or what issue they wanted her to support, she wanted what they were giving out.  In this picture she was eating a fortune cookie telling her to support the democratic party.  

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


 These are pictures of Claire eating her favorite snack last week (graham crackers with cream cheese).  I think Claire is going through a growth spurt because all this child wants to do is EAT.  She woke up at 4:45 this morning asking for a "nack, nack" (that's a snack).  She ate a jar of baby fruit, a bowl of oatmeal and blueberries and an entire waffle.  Don't worry when she got up a couple hours later she convinced her daddy that she was starving and he gave her Cheerios , more blueberries and an entire glazed doughnut.  Only a few hours after that was lunch which included pizza, Cheerios and an entire banana.   

In this last picture she is pointing for "more, more, more."  She always wants MORE.