Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Farm play date

 Today's fun filled activity was a farm themed play date.  Claire of course had to dress the part!  I was VERY happy to get out of the house since Claire has been a whiny mess at home.  You can tell her 6 new teeth coming in are making her feel bad.  All she does is whine, she doesn't want to play, she of course still wants to eat, but at home eating is all that makes her happy.  It's funny though when we go to the store or to someone's house she is distracted and acts like the nice little munchkin I love.

 Claire got to paint her 1st picture at the play date.  She of course loved it.  I think I need to go and buy her some washable paint so we can be creative at home on boring days.  

 I love that my refrigerator is getting covered with my daughter's artwork.  The top picture Claire colored and very thoughtfully decided where to put the stickers.  

My friend

One thing I love about social media is that it is a great way to reconnect with people you've lost touch with over the years.  This is a site that has been set up for my friend Devon.

She was my best friend in 6th grade and then we moved away and I didn't get to see her again until I was pregnant with Claire.  She has dealt with a lot in her life, but has such a great attitude and has taken such a loving interest in Claire sending her cards and presents.  I am so glad that we are back in touch.  Read her story, let me know if you have any questions and if you can please make a donation.  Thanks!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


 Today was Claire's 1st day in gymnastics class.  

 This is Claire in her warm up outfit eating her favorite snack (graham crackers) before class.  

 We were in a hurry, but there is always time to give Jack a hug.  
 Waiting sooo patiently for class to start. 
 What could be better than taking gymnastics. . . taking it with one of your best friends, Ryleigh!

 Claire wasn't so sure of the balance beam today.  She kept pointing her toes every time I tried to have her stand on it.  We'll try again next week.  
 Claire, of course, had no problem climbing. . . 
 and did a good job listening to the teacher.  
 Her favorite activity though was jumping on the trampoline.  She did such a great job that she got to go on the big kid one.  
 It was a great 1st class.  It was just as exhausting and fun for the mommies as the kids!  We can't wait until next week.  I can't believe my little munchkin is old enough to do fun classes like this.

Monday, August 27, 2012

18 months

Troy taught Claire how to fold her arms and sigh.. . this isn't going to be so cute when she is a teenager!

I think the best way to describe Claire at 18 months is sweet and sassy.  She is still on the go and loves to run around the house.  She still loves her baby dolls and is an excellent mommy to them.  We've started coloring with crayons this month and Claire can now make marks on the paper.  Her favorite part of coloring though is taking the crayons in and out of the box.  She also likes stickers and now knows how to place them on the paper and herself.  Claire's hair is growing and headbands don't work as well now.  It depends what mood Claire is in if she will keep her clip in or not.

Claire loves animals.  She can make most animal sounds and it is so funny to hear her interpretation of each sound.  She likes to pull out her little people animals out of their box and run around making the appropriate noise.  The funny thing is that Claire makes the animal sounds very quiet, as if she doesn't want you to hear her if she is wrong.  The word we hear over and over and over again each day is "more."  Claire understands  most of what you talk to her about and ask her to do.  She shakes her head, yes or no, if you ask her if she wants a certain food and you better not give her the food she said no to, tears will ensue.  Our little munchkin is still a little piggy and spends most of the afternoon carrying around a bowl of Cheerios.

Claire loves being outside and running around the yard.  Her favorite toy at the playground is the slide.  She wants to do it, "more, more."  Unlike most kids Claire is not a big fan of water.  She doesn't like to sit and play in the bathtub.  She likes to get in, get clean and get out.  She loves her friends and will on cue usually give them hugs and kisses.  She is currently teething and has 6 teeth coming in all at once on the top.

Oh and Claire is very responsible.  If she makes a "mess, mess (no one else would understand that's what she's saying) she begs for paper towels to clean it up.  She can also clean up her toys if you tell her exactly what to do.

I can't believe our little princess has been around 2 years, 1.5 on the outside and 7 months on the inside.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


What would a half birthday be without presents?!?

 Claire needed no help this time.  She knew exactly what to do!

 A new baby!  This is Claire's first baby with hair, we'll she how she does.  I found this cute doll at Crack Barrel.  They have the cutest line of reasonable priced dolls.  

 Present number 2 was a new bunny (shhh don't tell Claire it was on sale at Children's Place for $0.99)

 She's spent the morning carrying both new toys around.  

Special breakfast

 Here in the Bowlby house we celebrate half birthdays.  Can you believe Claire is 1.5.  At her doctor appointment this week she weighed in at 16 lbs 9oz.  She doesn't have her official 18 month appointment for a few weeks.  This was yet another appointment for Claire's diaper rash.  This morning started out with a special cinnamon roll breakfast.  

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Claire has mastered how to smile with her paci in her mouth.  

 Please disregard Troy's wet hair, he had just had a shower.  

 This last picture is my favorite smile.  Claire went and took my top out of the laundry basket and spent a long time trying to put it on herself.  I finally helped her and she walked around the house with the biggest smile on her face patting the shirt .  Look you can even see her new top tooth!

Friday, August 17, 2012


How cute is Claire in her new leotard?!?!  Too bad we are going to have to return it because it is too tight :(    I am so excited that she is going to start a gymnastics class in a couple weeks with her friend Ryleigh.  

 See how tight the leotard gets on her little, I mean big belly, when she sits down.  Oh and Claire is eating her new FAVORITE snack, Scooby snacks.  They are cinnamon bone shaped graham crackers.