Saturday, August 4, 2012

Teething is no fun

 Poor little Claire is working on 3 new teeth.  She is doing well with the pain, but yesterday afternoon it got the better of her.  She was so pathetic, sitting on the floor holding her loves moaning.  I thought maybe some dinner would make her feel better, but she refused to let go of her dolls and pacis.  When I took them away to put her in her highchair her little lip quivered and tears started rolling down her cheeks.  It wasn't her normal cry, it was a you broke my heart mommy cry.  
Luckily she let me get some ibuprofen in her and she perked up and played happily the rest of the night!

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Mma said...

Sorry that Claire is dealing with the teething issue right now but itsn't it great that she can bounce back after some meds. Yeah more teeth on the way!