Tuesday, August 28, 2012


 Today was Claire's 1st day in gymnastics class.  

 This is Claire in her warm up outfit eating her favorite snack (graham crackers) before class.  

 We were in a hurry, but there is always time to give Jack a hug.  
 Waiting sooo patiently for class to start. 
 What could be better than taking gymnastics. . . taking it with one of your best friends, Ryleigh!

 Claire wasn't so sure of the balance beam today.  She kept pointing her toes every time I tried to have her stand on it.  We'll try again next week.  
 Claire, of course, had no problem climbing. . . 
 and did a good job listening to the teacher.  
 Her favorite activity though was jumping on the trampoline.  She did such a great job that she got to go on the big kid one.  
 It was a great 1st class.  It was just as exhausting and fun for the mommies as the kids!  We can't wait until next week.  I can't believe my little munchkin is old enough to do fun classes like this.


Mma said...

So glad that Claire's first class was such a big success...keep it up! Is this a Gymboree location or another? Liam went to Gymboree when he was little. Looks like you ALL had a good workout!

Baby Munchkin said...

She is taking gymnastics at a local gym and dance studio. I like that they have real gym equipment. I've heard good things about Gymboree, but the one here is really far away. I bet Liam had fun.

Mma said...

So glad that you found a local one to enjoy. Yes, Liam had fun too!