Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Farm play date

 Today's fun filled activity was a farm themed play date.  Claire of course had to dress the part!  I was VERY happy to get out of the house since Claire has been a whiny mess at home.  You can tell her 6 new teeth coming in are making her feel bad.  All she does is whine, she doesn't want to play, she of course still wants to eat, but at home eating is all that makes her happy.  It's funny though when we go to the store or to someone's house she is distracted and acts like the nice little munchkin I love.

 Claire got to paint her 1st picture at the play date.  She of course loved it.  I think I need to go and buy her some washable paint so we can be creative at home on boring days.  

 I love that my refrigerator is getting covered with my daughter's artwork.  The top picture Claire colored and very thoughtfully decided where to put the stickers.  

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Mma said...

I am glad that you are willing to let Claire explore all aspects of her world. I have framed some of Liam's early work and they hang in my family room, dining room and kitchen. One of my favorites is one he did at 16 months!