Saturday, August 11, 2012

Playing with Ryleigh

 Ryleigh came over to play when we got back from Indiana.  Claire wanted to show off her new toys.  Both girls loved playing with the shopping cart from Nana and Pop Bowlby.  
 Claire showed Ryleigh that you can put your baby in the cart.  

 Claire got a nice bump on her head, so we had to pull out boo boo bunny (her bunny ice pack).

 This is my favorite picture from the play date.  Ryleigh trying get into my cabinet and Claire trying to open the drawer and steal the bread.  These two trouble makers are lucky they are cute!

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Mma said...

Claire will get so much use and pleasure out of that shopping cart. Liam loved to put his babies in his and played with it daily until he turned 5. Enjoy!