Monday, August 27, 2012

18 months

Troy taught Claire how to fold her arms and sigh.. . this isn't going to be so cute when she is a teenager!

I think the best way to describe Claire at 18 months is sweet and sassy.  She is still on the go and loves to run around the house.  She still loves her baby dolls and is an excellent mommy to them.  We've started coloring with crayons this month and Claire can now make marks on the paper.  Her favorite part of coloring though is taking the crayons in and out of the box.  She also likes stickers and now knows how to place them on the paper and herself.  Claire's hair is growing and headbands don't work as well now.  It depends what mood Claire is in if she will keep her clip in or not.

Claire loves animals.  She can make most animal sounds and it is so funny to hear her interpretation of each sound.  She likes to pull out her little people animals out of their box and run around making the appropriate noise.  The funny thing is that Claire makes the animal sounds very quiet, as if she doesn't want you to hear her if she is wrong.  The word we hear over and over and over again each day is "more."  Claire understands  most of what you talk to her about and ask her to do.  She shakes her head, yes or no, if you ask her if she wants a certain food and you better not give her the food she said no to, tears will ensue.  Our little munchkin is still a little piggy and spends most of the afternoon carrying around a bowl of Cheerios.

Claire loves being outside and running around the yard.  Her favorite toy at the playground is the slide.  She wants to do it, "more, more."  Unlike most kids Claire is not a big fan of water.  She doesn't like to sit and play in the bathtub.  She likes to get in, get clean and get out.  She loves her friends and will on cue usually give them hugs and kisses.  She is currently teething and has 6 teeth coming in all at once on the top.

Oh and Claire is very responsible.  If she makes a "mess, mess (no one else would understand that's what she's saying) she begs for paper towels to clean it up.  She can also clean up her toys if you tell her exactly what to do.

I can't believe our little princess has been around 2 years, 1.5 on the outside and 7 months on the inside.

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Mma said...

I sounds as though Claire is doing GREAT. Happy 18 months!