Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Portrait Session


Claire got her first, 1st birthday present Saturday so we headed to Sears today to model the outfit.  I LOVE Mudpie clothes, they are sooo girly. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Jack takes his big brother role seriously

 Is it time for a diaper change?

 No way Claire, mommy and daddy said you can't come in here!

Snack time!

 Jack likes to be VERY close when there is food involved!

 I think she wants to sit at the big girl table.

 Yum yum yum!!!!!

Wrong Size

I was lazy last week and hadn't done Claire's laundry, so instead of wearing her size 3-6 months jammies she was forced to wear 12 months pajamas, but all the extra fabric didn't seem to slow her down.

 These pants really are the right size (6months) but they are huge and they kept falling off as she played.

 Still a happy girl though!


Claire seems to be a little confused about her species.  She really thinks being a dog would be cool.  She spends her day trying to steal Jack's toys out of his basket. 

 Who needs a bottle when there is a delicious bowl of water on the floor.  I didn't get there in time today and Claire was scooping water out of the bowl and putting it in her mouth.

They really are best friends!

 Claire really wanted to have control of Jack's leash. . . Jack wasn't so sure!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I give up

 Claire's daddy was out of town ALLLLL last week.  I put Claire in her jeep so I could wash her bottles.  She had just had a nice warm bath, and I was playing her music and she just couldn't keep her little eyes open any longer.  It was so sweet.

The many faces of Claire Bear Bowlby

Cruising. . .well trying

 Claire loves to pull herself up and she wants to walk, she's just not quite ready.  She can take a couple sets around the table.  She's usually ends up going backwards with her stroller, but she's always happy trying!

Monday, January 23, 2012

The fun continues

 After our fun baby lunch, we were lucky to have Mrs. Cruz come for a visit. 

 Claire thought she was pretty cool. . .
 but I think Jack was MOST excited that a visitor wanted to play with him. I used to teach with Jessica, but now she helps take care of some lucky animals. 

 Troy gets so mad at me that I can never seem to keep my eyes open for a picture!

 Yay, I did it.  Notice Claire pulling my hair.

Baby overload

 Well this past Friday was the ultimate "Fajita Friday,"  Claire was joined by 4 of her favorite baby friends, Kayla, Eli, Finley and Ryleigh.  We had such a great time, and I am soooo thankful for so many wonderful friends.
 I offered Claire lunch, but she thought the strap tasted better.
Mom, no more pictures, I have friends to hang out with!

Snacking and sleeping with daddy

This is how I like my kids. . .

but it doesn't happen very often!  Claire refuses to sleep anywhere but with me.  I've tried everything and nothing works.  These pictures are from last week.  This week I can't even get her to lay down on the couch without me holding her.  She has a complete meltdown if I even try to go to the bathroom without her coming with me.  We went to get the oil changed today and a lady in the waiting room commented on what a good baby Claire is, yep, she's excellent as long as she is getting my attention!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Friend time with Finley

You know how we love to go to "Fajita Friday" with friends.  Last week we went with Kristina and her little girl Finley.
 Claire was VERY interested in touching Finley. 
 It's fun and easy to take Claire to restaurants now because she enjoys sitting in the highchair and eating her puffs.

 What a face!

 Oh no, what is Claire reaching for. . .

 Yep, Claire was trying to steal Finley's pacifier.  Now that Claire is almost one, I don't let her take her paci on playdates.  I tried to explain to Claire that Finley is only 6 months old and still a baby, but I don't think Claire cared. 
 Earlier in the week we had a fun park walk with Kristina and Finley.