Friday, September 30, 2011


Our playgroup meets once a week for a walk.  Since it has been so hot we've been mall walking, but not today, we took advantage of the cooler temperatures and hit the park.  Claire loves riding in her stroller and I love getting to know new mommies, it's a win win .  I am working really hard to get my before Baby Claire body back, so once the group left we kept going.  Claire and I walked 5 miles at the park and then took Jack on a 5 mile walk in the neighborhood tonight.  We've walked at least 5 miles every day this week (I better see a difference on the scale soon).  Claire was so good on our walk I promised her we could try the swings for the first time. 

She thought it was soooo much fun and was all smiles!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

She's into EVERYTHING!

Now that Claire knows how to pick things up, that's all she does.  If I try to read a magazine with her on my lap. . . the magazine is going to ripped, if I try to take a drink from a glass. . . Claire is licking the glass and trying to put her hands around it like a bottle. 

This afternoon I put our extra coupons in the side pouch of Claire's stroller to take to our neighbor. . . two seconds later I look down and the coupons have all been pulled out and she is trying to put them in her mouth.  She's very quick and cute!

Yesterday was Claire's first trip to Starbucks.  I'm glad we had a gift card because I had forgotten how expensive the yummy drinks are.  I love pumpkin spice lattes (decaf of course). We met a friend who was very sweet and brought Claire a bunch of her daughter's old clothes and shoes. 

Twins. . .

what they don't look alike?  These pictures are from a fun visit with the Rice's back when Claire's daddy was out of town covering the hurricane. 

  Claire thinks her cousin Isabella is really cool. 
 It's hard to try and get two active girls to pose for a picture with granddad. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

If she didn't look just like her daddy. . .

 I'd wonder if she was mine.  People say her expressions look like mine, but when you look at us face to face, there is nothing similar.  Oh well, I still think she's a cutie.  Luckily I like the way her daddy looks.  Claire went to her second sorority party today.  We went to the raptor center and got to see the owls.  Claire was sooo good and sat on my lap and watched the whole presentation without making a peep.  She really seemed interested in the lady talking and seeing the different owls.  In honor of the even,t Claire wore her owl jumper (as you can tell it's too big).  Owls are our sorority mascot and Claire wants to be a good Chi Omega legacy, so she is always on the lookout for owl items for her room and we can't resist an owl outfit.  I'm glad she got to see the real thing today!

Peaches aren't so bad

  Claire is starting to get the hang of eating.  We've been trying for a month without success. . .  until we tried some sweet tasting fruits (bananas and peaches).  She still doesn't like them per say, but she doesn't spit them back at us and make faces like we are poisoning her.  I consider that progress!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


 Claire now has control over her pacifier destiny.  Over the past month she has been hard at work learning how to pick up her pacifier and actually get it to her mouth.  It's so funny to watch her, she really focuses on the task at hand.  It takes several minutes and many missed attempts to her cheeks, but she can do it.  We're so proud of every advancement she makes!

Mommy's girl, daddy's rocker

 I'm sorry but this picture just makes me laugh.  This is Claire's cranky pathetic face, you'd think the world was ending.  I just wanted a 5 minute break, so I sat Claire down by her daddy, she looked at me and burst into tears, like how could I possibly not want to hold her.  Don't worry I picked her up and she was all smiles. 

Now Claire may be a mommy's girl, but she has a special rocker bond with daddy.  When Claire is sleepy Troy has figured out he can rock her to sleep if they stand in front of the tv and listen to channel 829, the hair guitar music channel (80's rock music).  I love seeing their special bond.

 Claire could not be bothered to look at the camera. 
Claire is wearing the 1st present that she ever bought her daddy.  I helped her pick it out the 1st night I found out I was pregnant last September. 

All fall down

 It's hard lately to get a picture of Claire sitting in a chair.  She starts kicking, arches her back and down she goes.  Isn't her "Claire" quilt cute, thanks Aunt Katie, we love it!

Monday, September 19, 2011

7 months and growing

Baby Claire turned 7 months old today.  We did our usual Sears portrait session and then had to take a trip the doctor's office.  There has been a rash on Claire's chin for the past 2 months.  Some days the rash looks almost gone and others like today it looks awful.  The doctor thinks it is from her drooling and then the pacifier resting on the drool.  We have a prescription cream to use now and get this, the doctor wants us to not give Claire her pacifier!  Yeah, that's not going to happen.  Claire is not one of those babies that is an occasional pacifier sucker.  She is a total I want it ALL the time addict.  We are trying to curb her usage a little but she is not thrilled.  The doctor also said we could try a different style of pacifier that wouldn't rub as much, but Claire is very loyal to her current paci and gagged when we put the new one in her mouth.  On a positive note Claire weighed 10lbs 15.5oz, so basically 11 pounds.  She's a very tiny 11lbs though because she wore a newborn outfit for her 7 month pictures today. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

The coldest day of Claire's WHOLE life. . .

well her whole life since leaving the nicu.  It was in the low 60's today with a nice breeze and we spent a lot of time outside walking.  The approaching chillier temperatures pose a problem with Claire's wardrobe.  She has PLENTY of long sleeve outfits, but only 2 that fit.  She may be almost 7 months old, but is still a little peanut of a thing.  It amazes me that her fall 0-3 month outfits still look HUGE on her little frame. The summer 0-3 month outfits don't look as ridiculous.   I think we are going to be wearing pajamas out in public because she has lots of these that fit and will keep her little tootsie toes warm. Also I need to figure out how to keep her hands warm on our long walks.  Her hands are constantly in her mouth and I'm afraid mittens would get all wet and then her hands would be even colder. 

Lately. . .
Claire has gotten into a bad nightly habit.  She gets cranky, falls asleep on me and if I try to move her she gets hysterical.  Luckily by the time we go to bed she's okay with sleeping in her pack and play. 

Claire is getting really good at picking up objects and of course where do they go. . . her mouth.  She thinks everything should touch her tiny lips.  When I hold her my shoulder usually ends up very wet from her trying to eat my shirt.  What does Claire not like to put in her mouth. . . food.  She is still not a fan of baby food.  Every few nights we try again, but she just sticks her tongue out and makes faces like we are trying to poison her and she wants to call DSS on us. 

Moving and a shaking. . . Claire is in constant motion.  The girl can't gain any weight because she is always kicking her feet and arms.  It's so funny to look down on her when she is in the stroller.  All you can see is 2 little feet kicking each other.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

We think she's pretty cute

photos are taken by MK McCormack photography

Friday, September 9, 2011

My love

My wonderful college friend Merry took pictures of Claire this afternoon (MK McCormack Photography ). This one just makes me smile. All I ever wanted was to be was a mommy. It took 5 long years to get pregnant with baby Claire and then she didn't even feel like my baby for so long when she was in the hospital. I am so thankful for moments like these.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sleepy Tuesday

Baby Claire has spent today in dream land.  I felt bad I had to wake her up from a 2 hour nap to go and get her 4 month adjusted pictures at Sears.  She is usually all smiles for pictures, but she was definitely not in the mood today.  I did love the first one she took though.  Isn't her onesie cute, it was a congratulations gift from our fertility specialist.  I remember when we first got it I thought it was so tiny, now when I see Claire in it, I think she looks so big.