Friday, September 30, 2011


Our playgroup meets once a week for a walk.  Since it has been so hot we've been mall walking, but not today, we took advantage of the cooler temperatures and hit the park.  Claire loves riding in her stroller and I love getting to know new mommies, it's a win win .  I am working really hard to get my before Baby Claire body back, so once the group left we kept going.  Claire and I walked 5 miles at the park and then took Jack on a 5 mile walk in the neighborhood tonight.  We've walked at least 5 miles every day this week (I better see a difference on the scale soon).  Claire was so good on our walk I promised her we could try the swings for the first time. 

She thought it was soooo much fun and was all smiles!!!

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Mma said...

It looks like Troy will have to put up a baby swing in your backyard...such fun! Keep up the good work with those walks. I know that Grandma Rice enjoys her daily walks too.