Monday, September 19, 2011

7 months and growing

Baby Claire turned 7 months old today.  We did our usual Sears portrait session and then had to take a trip the doctor's office.  There has been a rash on Claire's chin for the past 2 months.  Some days the rash looks almost gone and others like today it looks awful.  The doctor thinks it is from her drooling and then the pacifier resting on the drool.  We have a prescription cream to use now and get this, the doctor wants us to not give Claire her pacifier!  Yeah, that's not going to happen.  Claire is not one of those babies that is an occasional pacifier sucker.  She is a total I want it ALL the time addict.  We are trying to curb her usage a little but she is not thrilled.  The doctor also said we could try a different style of pacifier that wouldn't rub as much, but Claire is very loyal to her current paci and gagged when we put the new one in her mouth.  On a positive note Claire weighed 10lbs 15.5oz, so basically 11 pounds.  She's a very tiny 11lbs though because she wore a newborn outfit for her 7 month pictures today. 


Mma said...

I can imagine how difficult it would be for Claire to go cold turkey at this point with giving up her paci...good luck with the rash cream...hope it works. Neither of my children or Liam used a paci so I don't have any suggestions to offer.

Baby Munchkin said...

The cream is really helping, her rash is almost all gone today. We haven't really tried taking away the paci yet, she just loves it so much.