Friday, September 16, 2011

The coldest day of Claire's WHOLE life. . .

well her whole life since leaving the nicu.  It was in the low 60's today with a nice breeze and we spent a lot of time outside walking.  The approaching chillier temperatures pose a problem with Claire's wardrobe.  She has PLENTY of long sleeve outfits, but only 2 that fit.  She may be almost 7 months old, but is still a little peanut of a thing.  It amazes me that her fall 0-3 month outfits still look HUGE on her little frame. The summer 0-3 month outfits don't look as ridiculous.   I think we are going to be wearing pajamas out in public because she has lots of these that fit and will keep her little tootsie toes warm. Also I need to figure out how to keep her hands warm on our long walks.  Her hands are constantly in her mouth and I'm afraid mittens would get all wet and then her hands would be even colder. 

Lately. . .
Claire has gotten into a bad nightly habit.  She gets cranky, falls asleep on me and if I try to move her she gets hysterical.  Luckily by the time we go to bed she's okay with sleeping in her pack and play. 

Claire is getting really good at picking up objects and of course where do they go. . . her mouth.  She thinks everything should touch her tiny lips.  When I hold her my shoulder usually ends up very wet from her trying to eat my shirt.  What does Claire not like to put in her mouth. . . food.  She is still not a fan of baby food.  Every few nights we try again, but she just sticks her tongue out and makes faces like we are trying to poison her and she wants to call DSS on us. 

Moving and a shaking. . . Claire is in constant motion.  The girl can't gain any weight because she is always kicking her feet and arms.  It's so funny to look down on her when she is in the stroller.  All you can see is 2 little feet kicking each other.

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Mma said...

It is quite cool here in GA as well today. Amy had planned on taking Liam to Lake Lanier for their last seasonal waterpark day of fun BUT the weather man had other ideas! The pj's sound like a good idea until Claire grows into more of her fall clothes. I guess you are going to have to take stock out in the mitten production...maybe 2 pair at a time or a pair and some socks over them will help to keep her hands warm from all of her mouth juices! I'm sure you'll figure something out soon. Enjoy those walks in the fresh air.