Wednesday, September 21, 2011


 Claire now has control over her pacifier destiny.  Over the past month she has been hard at work learning how to pick up her pacifier and actually get it to her mouth.  It's so funny to watch her, she really focuses on the task at hand.  It takes several minutes and many missed attempts to her cheeks, but she can do it.  We're so proud of every advancement she makes!


Mma said...

I can see how this works...left hand pull on pantleg, right hand grasp paci and find the mouth...quite the system.

nana b said...

Boy, she is really getting the hang of that, isn't she? She is really coming along great. Can't wait to see her (and you guys, too, of course!!) in a few weeks. We will undoubtedly be amazed by her progress since we saw her in June.