Friday, September 2, 2011

Fajita Friday Fun

Troy had some vacation days to burn so Claire got to spend all day Thursday and Friday with her daddy.  We've used Troy's vacation to travel to many exotic places like Olive Garden, BabiesRus and the mall!  Okay, so we are not very exciting people, but we've had fun :)  Troy, Claire and I enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Olive Garden Thursday thanks to Troy's mommy and daddy.  They gave us a gift card for our anniversary back in June, and we were saving it for the. perfect occasion.  It was nice to have a yummy free lunch.  Claire was a cute little show off smiling at everyone.  She didn't want to sit in her carseat, so she sat on my lap like a big girl, played with a napkin and watched us eat.  Food is very important when on vacation, so today we went to a great Mexican restaurant and enjoyed fajita Friday (fajitas and a drink for less than $5)  Claire once again sat on my lap and happily enjoyed the scenery. 
It's funny even though Claire has hit 10 pounds, she has recently been able to fit back into a lot of her newborn clothes.  She has grown 2.5 inches since June, so her big baby belly has thinned out and made her a lot slimmer, refitting into her old clothes. In this picture she is wearing her newborn cow onesie.  She still looks like she is swimming in most of her 0-3 month clothes. 

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Mma said...

The 3 of you had the perfect kind of vacation...time together relaxing and enjoying good food and at the right price!
You will find that as Claire grows during different stages she will return to clothes that you may have thought she had outgrown. It happens to Liam all the time with his growth patterns.