Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sleepy munchkin

Then after we got home from babysitting Grandma and Granddad Rice were there to greet us. 
 While Granddad took my mommy to the grocery store for food, I stayed home with grandma.  This is what I what looked like when they left. . . and this is also what I looked like when they came home an hour later (came picture).  I guess I was tired!

 Then while mommy and Grandma organized, I played in the storage containers. 

 I'm a happy girl when people come to visit me. 

 I had fun playing with an ornament my Great Aunt Janice made.

 Notice I have mommy's hair, ha ha!

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Mma said...

It is always a wonderful treat to see Grandma and Grandpa Rice!