Sunday, January 22, 2012

Friend time with Finley

You know how we love to go to "Fajita Friday" with friends.  Last week we went with Kristina and her little girl Finley.
 Claire was VERY interested in touching Finley. 
 It's fun and easy to take Claire to restaurants now because she enjoys sitting in the highchair and eating her puffs.

 What a face!

 Oh no, what is Claire reaching for. . .

 Yep, Claire was trying to steal Finley's pacifier.  Now that Claire is almost one, I don't let her take her paci on playdates.  I tried to explain to Claire that Finley is only 6 months old and still a baby, but I don't think Claire cared. 
 Earlier in the week we had a fun park walk with Kristina and Finley. 

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Mma said...

That 4th photo is so funny!