Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sooooo Sleepy

 Troy has always asked "when will Claire just fall asleep on the floor from playing?"  Well it happened yesterday.  One minute Claire was playing nicely with her toys and the next minute I look over and see her peacefully sleeping.  I must say I prefer this over the usual crankiness before nap time.  

I carried her up to her crib and she happily slept for 2 more hours.  Claire has been a busy little girl learning new things this week.  She can now identify her feet, toes, hands and arms.  The most special is that she can now hug.  Not like previously when she would just rub up against you, it's a real wrap her arms around you and squeeze hug.  

Claire has also learned how to smile on cue.  It's the cutest thing!  She closes her eyes, gives a big goofy grin and shows her only 2 teeth.  You can't help but laugh every time she does it.  She is soooo proud of herself.  Kayla was very tired at this play date and didn't want to take pictures.  

Claire's new words include "more, her version of "please" which includes her sitting when she says it, roaring like a dinosaur and a better version of "baby."

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Mma said...

So much new in one week's time...keep building her wonder she was exhausted playing. Aren't those wrap around hugs the best feeling ever?