Sunday, July 15, 2012

Outdoor party fun

 I've gotten very behind on posting pictures because our computer died and wouldn't charge.  Thankfully Troy and his friend made a new cord and now it works!  The last Saturday in June was a fun hot one for the Bowlbys.  We started the day at a carnival birthday party for one of my sorority sisters daughter.  
 As you can see it was VERY hot and Claire was thirsty.  She had pulled the flower off her headband which is why it looks so funny.  

 Claire actually got the dress she is wearing from the birthday girl.  She has been very nice to give us lots of hand me downs.  I tried to get a picture of the two kids but all Claire wanted to do was steal the little girl's presents.  
 I love that Nicole and I are still in touch.  
 After a long nap for everyone we headed to the neighborhood block party.  There were too many fun things to see and Claire couldn't be bothered to sit still for a picture.  

 Claire was thrilled because they had big beach balls.

 We were both hot and ready to go home.  

 She had grass on her hand and didn't like it.  

 "Mom look balloons!"

 Overall it was a fun Saturday, but we can't wait for cooler temps.  Give me cold any day over the heat!


Mma said...

Great photos and so much fun even in the heat of summer. Megan I'll remember your last comment when January rolls on in...ha!

Baby Munchkin said...

Oh not me, I'll take freezing temperatures anytime over heat!!!!!!