Saturday, July 28, 2012


Thursday night for dinner Troy's dad took us to Schoops.  Claire showed us what a big girl she is when it comes to eating.  Now that she has 3 teeth she doesn't want me to cut up her food.  She likes to bite it.  She got very excited when her grilled cheese came and hugged one half under her arm and took bites off the other half.  Claire is happiest when she can hold food in one hand eat with the other.  She is always so worried about running out of food.  Maybe she remembers being in my belly and not getting enough to eat.    Oh and you know Claire dug into the fries.  My favorite part of the meal was watching Claire drink her water out of a straw!  We figured out that if we cut the straw in half it is easier for her to suck the water.  

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Mma said...

Seeing what Claire did with her sandwich halves is the funniest one is going to deprive her of her fair share of food!