Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Pre Walk

Saturday's March of Dime walk was a success.  We had a wonderful time, the weather was nice and cool and we were joined by some amazing friends.  Our team can still collect money until June but as of walk day we raised over $2500, which I think is impressive for our 1st year.  My sorority sister Melinda and her baby Zoe (almost 11 months) drove all the way from Virginia to join  us on the walk!

 How cute are the outfits we found for the baby girls, tutus, Bowlby onesies and matching hair bows (the hair bows were made by Jen, Ryleighs mom)!

 The drive to Charlotte was peaceful with 2 sleeping girls (the ride back not so much, Claire was tired and screamed almost the whole time).
 Claire saying "Hi" ready to get out of the parking garage and walk. 
 Megan, Melinda and Kristina ready to go

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Mma said...

All 6 of you look great...really cute outfits and the T-shirts look good too!