Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A babysitter and braces

Yesterday was a big day in the Bowlby house.  I got my braces and Claire stayed with her 1st non grandparent babysitter.  I was going to have Jack watch Claire, but decided that my friend Kristina might be a safer alternative. Claire decided a trip to the babysitters house would be the perfect opportunity to use her new puppy back pack.

 She thought it was really fun walking around with the backpack on her back.

She didn't even seem to mind when she fell.

 Kristina said Claire cried in the beginning when I left for the orthodontist, but then she took the girls outside and Claire became a happy little girl.  This is what I found when I came to pick her up. . .

 a happy little munchkin waving hi to me!

I was very happy :)

As for my new braces, all I have to say is OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  A big thanks to my parents though for paying for what will hopefully be a beautiful smile in a year. 


Mark and Jen said...

Holy cow - Claire looks at least 2 years old with that backpack! So cute!

Mma said...

Claire is such a big girl now that she had her first visit with her friend without her mommy there to rely on...keep up the good work! And how sweet are those photos with her new backpack?