Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cookies and milk

 I was craving cookies Friday and Claire had no problem indulging me.  
 We made oatmeal chocolate chip.
 Claire likes to be neat and kept telling me that I needed to wipe her chocolate covered hand.  
 We have a hard time getting Claire to drink enough milk.  She drank it by the bottle fulls as a baby, but when we took the bottle away at 16.5 months, she refused to drink it out of any type of sippy cup.  She drinks small amounts now out of my cup and will drink the milk after she finishes a bowl of cereal.  
 This kitty cup (meow meow cup as she calls it) that Santa brought her seems to make all the difference.  She will ask for seconds and thirds of milk.  It helps too that I've taught Claire you can't eat cookies without a big cup of milk.  

 I'm very impressed that Claire can drink out of a big girl cup all by herself now.

 She's also very interested in feeding herself with a spoon and fork.  

 My little baby is growing up!

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