Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A princess Christmas

 It was a princess Christmas for Claire.  Her cousin Luke sent her this cool princess carriage and my childhood friend Devon got Claire the Little People Princess castle.  

Claire received this fun princess tea set from her cousin Jacob.  We're sad that we couldn't see him this Christmas, but happy that he is home living with his mommy, daddy and sister.  Cousin Isabella (Belle as Claire calls her) was nice enough to deliver it.  

 Cousins Abbey and Chase sent Claire this cool princess dress and shoes.  

 The shoes will probably fit Claire until she is 5, but that didn't stop her from clomping around the house in them.  She is definitely a girly girl.  

 Oh and we can't forget the princess sippy cups Claire got from her mommy and daddy.  A BIG thank you to everyone!  My little princess is very appreciative :)

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Mma said...

Claire, the princess, certainly had a GRAND Christmas with all the Santa, grandparents, cousins, friends and Mommy and Daddy presents she received. So much fun to enjoy and just think her birthday is only a few weeks away with more fun. So glad to hear she is healthy and growing with each visit to her doctor. Happy New Year to ALL of you!