Saturday, April 27, 2013

More Cutie Claire

Since I haven't been able to post much lately I thought I would add a bunch of Claire's April pictures.
 This is Claire saying her prayers.  She holds her snow globe that has a little girl inside praying.  You should hear her "Amen" at the end.  It sounds like a televangelist.  

 Getting tickled by daddy
 Looking at the "hop hops and tweet tweets"

Claire loves to put her shoes on all by herself.  Whenever we tell her we are going somewhere she screams, "shoes, shoes."  She could care less where we are going as long as she can wear her shoes!


Mma said...

Glad to see the latest posts and the updates on your pregnancy and how the big sister is preparing for Charlotte's arrival. I love the dress with the little pink overlay jacket that Claire was wearing in a couple of the cute! Best wishes for the upcoming birth...not long now!!

Baby Munchkin said...

Thanks! Due date is Wednesday :)