Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter with the Rice's

 Claire's Grandma and Granddad Rice came to visit for Easter and brought cousin Isabella with them.  Grandma Rice found the girls matching jammies (Granddad Rice also got them matching jammies, but we forgot to get a picture of those).  Claire was very jealous that Isabella's doll got matching jammies too.  Sadly they don't make matching doll outfits in Claire's small size. 
 It is so nice that Claire seems to have gotten over her separation anxiety and was very happy to play with her grandma and loved sitting on her lap.

 We had a delicious meal followed by this cute and yummy bunny cake. 
 Monday morning I had an ob appointment so granddad got to babysit the 2 girls.  Everything is looking good with Charlotte.  She weighed in today at 5lbs 13 oz and we got to see lots of hair in the ultrasound.  I think this little girl is going to come out looking a lot different than her sister. 
 Claire was very excited to give Isabella a balloon. 
 It's not easy getting 2 kids to smile in a picture!

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