Thursday, April 25, 2013

39 weeks

 Who would have thought I'd make it this far.  These pictures are from Monday, but as of today I am 39 weeks 1 day pregnant with Charlotte.  This is exactly 10 weeks longer than I was with Claire.  Yes, it feels like I have been pregnant forever! 
 Claire has been doing some last minute big sister training,

and helping out her mommy with the housework.  I wish I was this happy when I swept!
Claire has also been having a lot of fun with her daddy.
 We've spent our afternoons playing princesses,
 kissing babies,
 kissing and
hugging Jack
 relaxing and watching Bubble Guppies and Curious George,
 and of course looking cute!
 Yep, she's been a busy 26 month old.

 "Who me, slow down, NEVER!"  As I am typing this she is spinning in circles trying to make herself dizzy and then laughing hysterically when she falls down. 


Katie B said...

You look great, Megan! I'm so grateful baby Charlotte is taking her time getting here!

Baby Munchkin said...

Thanks! It is a whole different experience this time around. I am just hoping to give birth to an almost 10 pound Bowlby baby.