Friday, September 14, 2012

Jonah's party

 I've been taking naps when Claire does, so I'm  very behind on posting, sorry :)  Back in August we went to Claire's boyfriend Jonah's 1st birthday party and had a blast!

 Claire had fun checking out all of the different toys Jonah had and working on her list for Santa.  

 Claire is working on a whole mouthful of teeth.  

 The slide of course was her favorite.  

 Claire even got to try to break an elephant pinata.  

 Claire did a great job using the bat to whack the elephant and instead of filling the pinata with candy that kids couldn't eat. . . it was filled with small stuffed animals and confetti.  The kids LOVED the confetti and instead of putting the animals in her goody bag, Claire filled hers with the confetti and pieces of grass.  

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