Wednesday, September 19, 2012

19 months

Claire is growing up so much lately.  She interacts with you like a big girl and follows commands really well.  She is in love with the slide.  When she goes to a friends house with a slide she goes up and down nonstop. She loves pushing around the shopping cart that Nana Bowlby got her back in July.  At any given time it could have the tv remote, bracelets, sippys or baby dolls in filling it up.  Bracelets are Claire's favorite.  She wears them all up her arm and shows them off with a big smile.  
Claire is learning lots of her words.  Most recently she said show and bag.  She is in love with babies, both real and doll.  When we walk through the mall she screams, "baby, baby" every time she sees one.   Claire loves to be a helper and wants to carry my bags and open my mail.  Her new favorite thing to do is watch Bubble Guppies on tv.  Now she doesn't want to watch the whole show, just the songs.  When a song coming on she runs in the room ready to dance.  Oh and when she wants you to put Bubble Guppy on she hands you the remote and yells "bubble, bubble."  
When she gets tired, the paci still goes in the eye!

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