Sunday, June 5, 2011

Love at First Sight

Claire's first Memorial day was spent meeting Nana and Pop Bowlby.  She bonded with Nana instantly, which was wonderful because it gave Claire's mommy some much needed nap time! 

It took a little more time for Claire to warm up to Pop, but once they did, they were great friends!
We had a wonderful time and are SO glad they were able to come visit and meet their newest grandchild.  Claire didn't sleep and cried the night they left. . . I think we are going to need to plan another get together really soon! 

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Mma said...

The special bonding love between grandparents and grandchildren is beyond words...the warmth in the heart that spreads to joy says it all. Megan, I hope that Troy's parents have Skype like your parents do although there is nothing better than the one-on-one contact. Enjoy your visit here in GA!