Monday, February 18, 2013

My poor baby

Tomorrow is Claire's big 2nd birthday and she is sick :(  She has Rosseola virus (she had a really high temperature and now a rash all over her body).  We were planning to do all of Claire's favorite things tomorrow, go to Build a Bear, Chick fil a for lunch with her best friends, gymnastics and a yummy pizza party dinner.  Since she is contagious to other kids, sadly we can't do any of that. 
Luckily she is young enough that we can do all of those things next week and she won't know the difference, but I still feel bad she will spend her birthday not feeling very well. 


Anonymous said...

Megan, Troy and Angie used to get that and it is so scary!!! They would run a really high temp for a day or so and then break out in the rash. I hated it!! They would be so sick with it. Hope our little Claire feels better soon, little birthday girl!!

Nana B.

Katie B said...

NO FAIR! So sorry she's sick, especially on her birthday. We sent her a gift, but I don't think it will arrive until Thursday. :(

Baby Munchkin said...

Luckily she's feeling better today. She's gotten all of her favorite foods and we all know Claire's life revolves around food. Nana Bowlby Claire loves her princess doll and has been carrying it around since she got it (it will need thoroughly Lysoled). She'll be excited to get her present Aunt Katie :)