Saturday, July 13, 2013

Totally In Love

Charlotte has to be the sweetest baby ever, not that Claire wasn't, but because of everything she went through she was never an easy baby.  Charlotte rarely cries unless there is a reason. . . usually because she is hungry and as you can see from her fat rolls, she likes to eat.  Charlotte is perfectly content laying on the floor staring at things and kicking and playing by herself.  Her new "trick" this week is that she can put herself to sleep all on her own.  You can lay her down anywhere, she will kick and play and then when she is tired she will roll over on her side and go to sleep.  Claire didn't go to sleep alone until she was over 1.  Charlotte started happily sleeping in her crib this week, yay!!!  

 Mommy I am soooo hungry!
 Charlotte loves to chew on her little hand.  

 Sleepy eye rub
 She loves to have her little hands by her face.  It is how she self soothes.  
 She didn't like the flash, but she loves tummy time.

 Tickle Tickle Tickle
 I love that when I nurse Charlotte she just smiles and smiles and stares up at me. She loves to hold your hand and loves staring at her big sister when Claire is dancing around and acting silly.  Charlotte also loves to hear her daddy's voice and will turn her head to find him.   I am so in love with my sweet little girl.  

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