Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cuteness spill

Troy took Claire to gymnastics so I got Charlotte all ready for a photo shoot and then. . . 

 I think she still looked cute though.  These jeans are 0-3 months Claire wore then forever.  This will probably be the only time Charlotte wore them.  They were pretty tight on her little belly at 12 weeks.

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Mma said...

ALL of the latest photos of the girls are so sweet...even in cranky mood! So glad that you had a fun vacation week even with the heat. There are always so many great places to visit in your own area and at the right or very inexpensive. Keep those local places busy and have fun doing it. Can you believe that Isabella start her public school education this week? Time goes so quickly so before you know it Claire will be entering kindergarten. Enjoy every milestone with your girls!