Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Growing up

I really need to get this blog going again.  I was reading through the posts from when Claire was a baby and there were so many things I had forgotten about.  The girls have been busy growing up and changing everyday.  Charlotte is now 6 months old and crawling everywhere and as of Monday she can pull herself to a standing position on the couch and in her crib.  Claire is busy really developing her personality.  She talks nonstop although you can't always understand what she is saying (she started speech therapy in October). She currently tells me that everything is, "amazing." Claire is really starting to play with friends her age, which I love to watch.

 This is Claire and her friend, Eli.  She is obsessed with him.  She talks bout him all the time.  If I tell her we are going to a party she wants to know if Eli will be there.  

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