Monday, December 26, 2011

First stop Ohio

 We packed up our SUV last week and headed North to visit with Troy's relatives.  Since we didn't know how Claire would do on a long car ride, we split the trip into 2 days.  It also gave us an opportunity to see Troy's sister Angie's new house in Ohio.  Claire did great on the 8 hour drive, Jack, not so much.
  Claire had fun opening presents with her cousin Abbey.
 She got this very cute new hat, but by far her favorite was the bow on the package. 
 Claire wasn't a fan of her cousin Chase at first, but just wait until you see the pictures of them later in the week.  They became great friends. 

 Jack HATED Angie's house.  It has mostly slippery floors, which he is scared to walk on.  He may look big and scary, but he's really a big baby!

 It was too much fun for Claire.  She fell asleep on her daddy waiting for her mommy to pack the car.  Next stop Indiana!


Mma said...

Long trips can be difficult for all of God's glad that Claire faired better than Jack did...hopefully the same will be true for the long trip home.

Baby Munchkin said...

The trip home was better for both of them. Poor Troy drove the 12 hours overnight so the rest of us could sleep.

Mma said...

With little ones many families do take the night time drives although it isn't easy on the driver. When we lived in MA and used to drive to KY to celebrate with Paul's family we did night driving and the kids did better but ohhhh how tired we adults got from the jet lag...but it was worth it!!