Monday, December 26, 2011

Next stop fun

Next stop Nana and Pop Bowlby's house outside of Chicago
 We had to endure another 6 hours in the car, but this time it was more fun because cousin Abbey joined us on the trip.
 Once there Claire was ready to spread her legs and get to playing. 


Mma said...

How nice to have an older cousin to guide you along life's journey!

Baby Munchkin said...

She's a very lucky girl with 2 big girl cousins to play with!

Mma said...

Yes, Claire is a very lucky girl and I know you are happy when your parents bring Isabella with them so that the girls can have bonding time. Grandma Rice and Grandma Spencer are hoping to meet up one day so that Isabella and Liam can finally meet one another for a playdate...hopefully soon!