Sunday, December 11, 2011

No mommy OR daddy

One of the reasons the Rice grandparents came to visit, was so we could go to Troy's company Christmas party. 
  I was very nervous to leave Claire because I had never left her with anyone but her daddy. . .

 But when we came home she was all smiles!    We were VERY happy to hear she was a good little girl.  Thanks mom and dad for driving 4 hours so we could have a night out!!!!

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Mma said...

Parents are like glad you had a nice evening out! Liam was 5 weeks old when Amy and William were to stand up for some for some friends' wedding so Paul and I babysat. Amy must have called us 10 times, including right as she was beginning to walk down the aisle...ahh such love and concern...and it never fades away.