Friday, December 9, 2011

Fun with friends

Claire invited some of her favorite munchkins over for a playdate today. 
 It's VERY hard to get 3 curious babies to look at the camera.
 This is Kayla, she is almost 9 months old.
This was the first playdate where they actually tried to play together; it was very sweet.  They kept reaching their hands out and touching each other.
This is Kayla and her mom Jen.  Jen was so sweet and made Claire several Christmas hairbows, and you know we LOVE hairbows!
This is Finley, she is 5 months old. 
Claire wanted to make sure her friends mommies had something yummy to eat: so she helped me make Christmas cookies.  Oh, and by help, I mean she screamed for 45 minutes while her daddy tried to calm her down. 
Playing with friends is very tiring.  In the middle of the playdate Claire fell asleep standing up in my arms.  I think that means it was a great day!


Mma said...

A day with the girls can really wear you out. That must have been a fun visit for ALL the girls. I hope it becomes a regular part of your routines.

Mark and Jen said...

It WAS a great day! We'll have to make a regular playdate schedule in the new year. :)