Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas cookie fun

Last Saturday we headed to the Carolina Mall to enjoy the Christmas festivities at Chick fil a.  Claire could have cared less about Santa, but Santa Cow (The Chick fil a cow dressed as Santa) was her new bff.  It was such a fun morning with our little princess.  She sat like a big girl at a table and ate her whole kids meal and then got to decorate a cookie at her favorite hair bow vendor.  

Claire even won a  prize in the raffle drawing.  She won a stuffed bear that she decided is a kitty because every time she picks it up she makes it meow.  Do you remember this Christmas outfit from last year???  There are definite advantages to having a tiny girl who can wear clothes for more than a year.  

Wow, I can't believe how bald my baby was.

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