Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy birthday Mommy

 My loyal blog readers have hopefully noticed a month long hiatus.  I'm not sure why but Blogger kept telling me I was over my picture limit and I would have to pay to add more.  Sorry I wasn't paying, but for some reason it is working again today. . . yay!

My birthday was November 20th and Claire and I headed to Firehouse subs to take redeem my free birthday sub. 
 This is her "smile for the camera" smile.  
 and Kayla joined us
 It was a very fun lunch.  Claire didn't like the sub but had no problem making the bag of Fritos disappear 
Not a bad 35th birthday at all.  

Oh and I almost forgot the BEST part.  On my to get more free birthday food Baby Charlotte kicked me for the 1st time!!!!  I felt Claire kick for the 1st time on Christmas day.  I guess my kids know how to make it extra special.  

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