Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas with the Rices

 Grandma and Granddad Rice and Isabella came up for a quick visit Saturday and brought some fun Christmas presents.  Claire was acting a little shy and pointing to her daddy telling him to open her presents.
 The shyness soon faded and she ripped right in.
 Isabella colored Claire a pretty picture that we put on the refrigerator.  Last night Claire was trying to readjust the picture and ripped it in half.  To my surprise she handed it to me and said, "Broke."  I love how Claire's speech is progressing.  

 Isabella gave Claire a ladybug that puts different colored stars on the ceiling and walls.  
 Isabella had a present for Isabella too.  
 She gave her bathtub crayons.  
 Claire also got a set of princess dishes from her cousin Jacob.  
Claire will get her big present from the Rice grandparents tomorrow (they left her a beautiful pink kitchen), but she got to open this Claire sized purse.  Claire thinks she is really cool carrying her own little purse.  

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