Friday, December 21, 2012

Party Prep

 Can you believe Claire's 2nd birthday is less than 2 months away?!?!  We got a fabulous half off deal for a birthday party at her gymnastics studio, so I thought it would be cute to have a picture of her doing gymnastics on the invitations. . . Claire didn't like my idea.  
 She refused to look at the camera and smile.  

 Of course I got a smile after class because the teacher gave Claire a candy cane.  Pure sugar, of course Claire loved it.  
 After class we stopped at the grocery store to stock up on some items that were on sale.  I let Claire eat a Nutra Grain bar in her car seat on the way home. . . it was not one of my best ideas.  
 Yes, that's strawberry jelly rubbed all over her leg and yes, it was all over her car seat too.   

 Claire wanted to help me unpack the groceries and found her mommy's bogo impulse buy.  


Mma said...

It's going to be a fun birthday party for sure!

Mark and Jen said...

I think there are lots of good pictures here! I especially like the second hula hoop one because it looks like she's really concentrating on a routine!