Friday, August 5, 2011

Go team Go

Claire heard the football lockout is over ,and she's ready to root for the home team, the Carolina Panthers!
  Luckily she has a hairbow in the team color.
  Claire's favorite thing to do is put her hands in her mouth.  They must taste yummy.
  Claire getting sad. . .
 Claire's pitiful face.  She uses it when she is crying for no reason. 
 hairbow malfunction :(

Now what Claire and her daddy are really excited about is the start of Notre Dame football.  Although she doesn't have any Notre Dame gear yet :(


Mma said...

Does that mean that Troy is a Domer? Anyway he is obviously a football fan and Claire will be right there with her daddy to cheer on their favorite teams!In our house we cheer on the Dawgs and the Pats...sorry Claire!

Baby Munchkin said...

Troy grew up near Notre Dame and worked at a tv station there so he is a huge fan!